Recycle Candle Wax

Recycle Candle Wax

Equipment / Tools

  • Melt pot
  • Tongs, chopsticks, or a fork
  • Tub, pail, or molds
  • Strainer (optional)


  • Scraps of wax or burned-out candle bottoms

Hey friends!

Do you have a bunch of scrap pieces of wax from old candles that you don't know what to do with? Well, I've got the perfect solution for you! Separating them into an unscented and/or uncolored pile and a scented and/or colored pile is the first step. After that, trim off as much of the burned wick as possible. Remove any wick tabs or labels and brush or scrape off any dirt or dirty sections of wax. Put all your pieces in your melting pot so they can slowly melt down together. Once melted, use something like chopstick tongs to get out all those pesky little bits like wicks and tabs before filtering it through an old flour sifter if there's still debris left in it after pouring off the good part (so nothing gets wasted). Now comes my favorite part - adding fragrance & color so you can make new beautiful candles with all these scraps! So why not give this method a try? It'll help clear up some space while giving those scraps another life - plus who doesn't love making their own homemade candles?!

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