fruit loops cereal bowl candle gift basket

Fruit Loops Gift Basket

It's time to get creative with your home decor! Have you ever wanted to add a little extra something special to your living space? Well, now you can with our new Fruit Loops Cereal Bowl Candle set. We had so much fun making this colorful and cute Cereal Bowl that we decided to make a whole basket of goodies for everyone out there who loves the classic cereal as much as we do.

The set includes three Fruit Loop candles, one package of cereal, one box of straws, one milk bowl and one spoon – all designed in the signature colors from the beloved breakfast treat! Whether it’s for yourself or someone else (we won’t tell), these pieces are sure to bring some cheer into any room they grace. Plus they look super cute together!

If you love unique home decor items that will really stand out then this is definitely an item worth checking out. Not only does it have great visual appeal but it also has an amazing scent too – just like real fruit loops cereal when milk is poured into the bowl! The best part is that all these goodies are now available in stores near you so go ahead and pick up yours today while supplies last; trust us when we say they won't be around forever...


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